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Privacy Policy

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of our profession and our service. We have developed a privacy policy that covers what information we collect, use, disclose, and store, and how we store them. This privacy policy does not apply to information that is not personal information. We collect, store, and use the personal and identifiable patient information, following the Health Information and Privacy Act in Alberta. If you have any concerns about our Privacy Policy (or “Policy”) please contact us for further clarification at the Contact Information below.

Collection and Use of personal Information for Eye Care Professionals:

  • The personal information that e-eyecare (“we” or “us”) collects from optometrists/general medical practitioners or ophthalmologists (“eye care professionals”) are related to their professional aspect of their practice. This includes Practice ID number, name/location/contact information of their practice, their email address for communications purposes with e-eyecare, and updated practice permit from their ruling optometry or ophthalmology college/governing body.
  • How would your information be disclosed?
    • Your contact information (excluding your email address, Practice ID number, and practice permit) will be included in the letterheads that are generated for patient ‘visits.’
    • Future consultants on a patient case could have access to Referral and Consultation notes and will see your electronic signature on the char.
    • We may use your email address or other modes of contact information (such as your address) to update you of any changes and updates to the program or our services.
    • Third-party contractors could have access to your Practice ID (or other mode of billing ID number in your jurisdiction) for the purpose of billing the Health Care Services for the medical services you have provided for the patients.

Collection and Use of Personal Information for Patients:

  • The information collected and entered into our secure system is for the purpose of patient identification and ocular care. This information will only be collected by the Referring eye care professional. This information includes name, date of birth/age, sex, and address, health information (such as your diagnosis and treatment).
  • Your Referring eye care professional (either optometrist/general medical practitioner or ophthalmologist) will collect, use, and disclose your personal information to other Consultant eye care professionals, family doctors, and other health care professionals who they decide might have to get involved in your care. By providing your information and verbally allowing your Referral eye care professional to make a referral through our system, we assume that you consent to our collection. You may withdraw your consent at any time, subject to contractual and legal restrictions and reasonable notice. Our collection and use of your information will be subject to the Health Information and Privacy Act in Alberta, keeping in mind that the main reason for collection, use, and disclosure of any information is to provide you with medical treatment and health care related services.
  • All our staff who are involved in both Referral, Consultation, and the peripheral support staff (such as our IT consultants and billing personnel) are bound by a confidentiality agreement.
  • Your health care number will be used by third-party contractors (such as our billing assistant) for the purpose of charging the Health Care system for the services provided to you by the Consultant ophthalmologist. You will not be responsible to pay for any of these services yourself in Canada, as these consultations would be similar to visiting a medical doctor in their office, except that they are done virtually.


  • We may change our Privacy Policy at any time without notice. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on this website so we encourage you to visit this website regularly to be updated on the most recent version of our policy. Your review of this policy will be considered your acceptance of the changes. It is important to emphasize that we always follow the Health Information and Privacy Act in Alberta for patient medical and personal information.


  • When you visit our e-eyecare website, we may use “cookies” to enhance the usage of our website by tracking the visitors’ activity. Cookies are a technology that store a small amount of information on the user’s computer so our website recognizes future visits, but it does not collect any identifiable personal information. If you wish to disable the cookies you could still use our website, but you may not have full access to all our pages.

Links to Other Website:

  • We are not responsible for privacy practice or content of any other website(s) to which we link, or they link, to our website.


  • The personal and professional information we collect will be held at our head office and/or on our servers, strictly following the Health Information and Privacy Act in Alberta, or the equivalent Act in the jurisdiction of the office/server within Canada. This information is only accessible to the providers and employees who require it for the purposes of their duties. To the extent provided by law, you may request access to your personal information contained in your files and correction of your information, by contacting us at the address below.

Contact Information:

  • For questions, concerns, or complaints about our privacy practice, please contact us at:
  • e-eyecare LTD.PO Box 67003 Meadowlark Park,¬†Edmonton, AB, Canada,T5R 5Y3
  • [email protected]

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